Matt Anderson

Loose Lips Sink Ships

New Album ...

Painting Feathers in the Air, the new album from Nice-based artist and producer Matt Anderson, distils the best of a decade of whip-smart songwriting and a recent period of feverish creativity where Anderson wrote and recorded 42 songs over the course of a year.


Songs such as blistering opener Loose Lips Sink Ships and the knowing Work in Progress have long been favourites at gigs and festivals across Europe while newer numbers like Could it Be Love, Fields of Gravity and the eponymous Painting Feathers in the Air combine the mature melodic ear and memorable turns of phrase that characterise Anderson’s more recent work.  


Recorded in France, Norway and the UK, the album features an international cast of musicians that Anderson has worked with over many years, creating a sound that is at turns intimate, punchy and assured.


The result is a record that is crackling with sonic energy and full to the brim with beautifully observed and finely crafted songs, from an artist who is clearly at the top of his game.

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